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  • Language barriers - does your patient understand?

    The foundation of a healthy doctor/patient relationship is good communication. But what happens if a language barrier exists? Discover tips for ensuring your patient understands in this interesting case study. August 2016.

  • Neonatology in Pakistan - Dr Volkman's experience

    Doctors in Training Grant recipient Dr Thomas Volkman undertook a courageous Neonatology Mission through MSF in Peshawar, Pakistan. Be inspired by his report and find out if you could be eligible for a Grant. August 2016.

  • Why doctors avoid the doctor

    “Well, confidentiality is a big issue. It seems that if you are a doctor with an illness, it’s news for the medical grapevine.” Check out our Doctors’ Health e-book and other resources available to help you manage your own health. August 2016.

  • Midwives - Clinical notes to the rescue!

    We understand our message of "document, document, document” can be a little repetitive, but this recent case reinforces how clear, contemporaneous clinical records can determine the outcome of a trial, some seven years after the event! August 2016.

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MIGA is a specialist insurer offering a range of insurance products and associated services to the health care profession across Australia.


  • Medical indemnity insurance for doctors and medical students
  • Professional indemnity for midwives
  • Corporate medical indemnity insurance for organisations providing health care and related services
  • Medico-legal advice and support, claims and risk management services and a range of exclusive policy holder benefits.

We have a strong commitment to providing personal support when it is needed, high quality services and broad based insurance cover tailored to the unique needs of health professionals.